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Designing | Behind The Scenes

I've been a designer in the fashion industry for nearly two decades. I love what I do! The first thing I think about when I wake up is design.  When I launched SKN in 2020 I actually hand made ALL the styles! As SKN grows I've partnered with amazing studios who are supportive of small businesses.  I wanted to show you a part of the design process of how I make my ideas come to life.

Where does the idea and inspiration come from: I get asked this a lot and it's hard to answer because I get my inspiration from everywhere! Sometimes ideas of new styles just pop into my head (usually when I am working out or going for a walk) and I roughly sketch it up. The design process comes natural to me and inspiration flows as long as I remain in motion and engaged with the world. As far as trends; I definitely like to see where trends are heading but not necessarily follow them. I don't like disposable fashion so I try to interpret trends in a more sophisticated way. The worst feeling is buying something and hating it 2 months later. Most importantly I am a deep believer in one's personal style. I have never been a fan of cookie cutter fashion nor have I ever wanted to look like the crowd. SKN is a brand where we embrace our own unique self because we are all exactly like no one else!

Now we have to execute the idea: I'll send the studios my sketches with spec measurements and all the details. They send me back computer aided designs (CADs) and I either approve or give comments to perfect the silhouette. This process is rather fun as I love working with other artists and I am always learning new ways of crafting jewelry.

When the idea becomes real: Then the fun begins! Once I approve the CADs of my designs I'll request samples. This is like Christmas day!!! I try them out to ensure quality is up to standard and then we go into production.

Seems simple enough, right? Well, yes and no. Finding the right studio partners honestly took me over a year. There are a lot of unethical, unreliable and poor quality manufactures out there and I met my fair share. Setting up a company's sourcing & production strategy is actually a mini passion of mine (not to mention crucial for a business success.) As an artist working with people who bring your ideas to life are beyond words. Finally setting up contracts with studios & manufactures who practice good ethics and support small businesses is like winning the lottery when you are small fish in the Atlantic ocean!



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